Accounting & Financial

As a financial or accounting firm, you are privy to some of the most confidential information for individuals, organizations, and businesses. Your business is built on confidentiality. Not only is it best practice to safely destroy these documents, but it is also the law.

In 2019, there were 1,473 data breaches exposing 165 million records, and more than 60% of all leaked records were exposed by financial services organizations..

Every accounting or tax business should have a record retention policy in place. Once this policy expires, and all requirements have been met, you can rely on Guard Docs to safely destroy these documents to keep your client’s information safe and your business faithfully fulfilling your confidentiality promises.

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Business Shredding Solutions

All businesses understand the value of client trust and loyalty and it’s increasingly important to maintain that trust by securely shredding documents and data.

Data breaches put customers’ wellbeing at risk, and are costly for the business whose records have been exposed. See how Guard Docs safely and securely helps businesses of all sizes dispose of sensitive records and data.

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Protect the confidential information of your students and your employees with paper shredding and electronic media destruction from Guard Docs.

As an educational entity, you create, collect, and store an enormous amount of personal and private information, with a large quantity likely being digital. These digital files are often converted into paper for distribution, but the fact remains, they are being stored in mass quantities on media devices such as outdated computers or external hard drives.

Protecting the personal information of your students, teachers, and administrators is vital, and in many instances, required.

Contact Guard Docs today for more information on how we can help protect your students, staff and educators.

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From hospitals to independent practices, we service all levels of medical professionals, and the needs are significant.

Medical organizations require some of the most confidential information a person can give, and the threat is real. In fact, there have been over 6004 breaches reported within the last 24 months that are currently under investigation by the Office for Civil Rights.

When it is time to expose this information, make sure you do it securely and safely with Guard Docs solutions.

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We provide the same best in class services to our individual clients as we do our business clients. Whether you have one box, or many Guard Docs can securely dispose of your documents and media.

We have several convenient drop off locations, or if you have been accumulating paperwork for a while at home, we are available for pick up.

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