Business Document Shredding & Destruction Services

Guard Docs helps many businesses, of different sizes and across different industries, with secure document destruction processes. Whether you have a one-time need, or require an on-going solution, Guard Docs can help. Our secure containers give you a way to dispose of documents securely in your office between pick-ups. Our mobile shred trucks let you witness the destruction at your place of business, and our Certificates of Destruction provide you with the record that guarantees the documents have been destroyed.

Reduce The Risk Of Information Theft

Today, businesses of all sizes understand the importance of client trust and customer loyalty. With this in mind, if your business suffers a data breach, or accidentally exposes sensitive customer information, you put that trust and loyalty at risk. Additionally, when incidents like these occur, your business can also be subjected to legal trouble and fines. One way to establish trust with customers and to keep your business safe is to have a secure process in place for shredding old documents. This is an area where the experts at Guard Docs can help.

Proof Of Destruction

When you need proof of destruction, you can always rely on Guard Docs. Following every shredding project, we can provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records. We can also shred your paper on-site, at your location, allowing you to witness firsthand.

Secure Document Storage

Guard Docs also offers secure document storage solutions. We can maintain and manage your inventory of records off-site in our secure facility.

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How it Works

Step 1
Contact us through our web form or by calling us to speak with a shredding expert who can guide you to the optimal shredding solutoin.

Step 2
Our team will arrive on the scheduled date and time to perform the shredding service either on-site or take the materials to an off-site secure shredding facilities.

Step 3
We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction after each project as a record of proof that the documents were destroyed.