I Want To Wait & Witness My Documents Being Shredded

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wait watch documents get shredded

The ability to witness the actual shredding of your documents is important for peace of mind and it may be a business compliance requirement depending on your industry. In these cases, Guard Docs provides a convenient solution with our national network of local mobile shredding truck fleets. We will send a mobile shred truck to your location, where the trained driver will collect your documents and shred the paper inside the truck while you witness the event. 

How Mobile Shredding Works

Mobile shredding, also known as on-site shredding, is the service for when a shredding company sends a shred truck to your location to perform shredding that is witnessed by the customer. The driver will collect the documents from your office, home, storage unit, etc., and place them into a security container and then transport it to the truck. The container feeds the documents into the shredded truck, where the shredding machine inside of the truck will immediately destroy the documents beyond recognition and recovery. 

Certificate of Destruction

Many customers require a Certificate of Destruction after their project, to have a record of what was destroyed. Guard Docs makes Certificates of Destruction available for all projects, and can send one to the customer electronically upon project completion. The Certificate of Destruction will contain pertinent information about both the details of the project and the materials that were shredded. 

What Happens To Shredded Material?

After your documents are shredded, the resulting shredded particles are commingled and intermixed in high volumes to further ensure that the documents are 100% unrecoverable. The shredded particles are eventually bailed using high-performance industrial equipment and then sent to a paper mill for recycling. The shredded particles are used to make new paper products like diapers and recycled copy paper.

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