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Hard Drive Data Destruction

Having a secure process in place for hard drive destruction is essential for any organization. Whether you are refreshing your old IT/computer equipment or replacing a failed hard drive, it is critical that your disposal process includes secure electronic data destruction in order to prevent data breaches and maintain compliance. Guard Docs provides hard drive destruction services for businesses as part of its comprehensive suite of services for information protection.

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Shredding For Compliance

Hard drive destruction is an essential component of any industry compliance standard related to the protection of information, such as SOC2, HIPAA-HITECH, and GLB. Organizations today need an auditable record of hard drive destruction as a part of their device disposal process.

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Certificate of Destruction

Guard Docs provides Certificates of Destruction for every hard drive destruction project. Our reports can be customized for your organizational and compliance requirements, such as including an itemized list of hard drive serial numbers.

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Shredding vs. Wiping

Guard Docs’ hard drive shredding service is the best way to achieve 100% guaranteed data destruction. Shredding a hard drive not only completely destroys the data but also renders the device permanently unusable. By comparison, wiping, deleting, or overwriting a hard drive leaves the device fully intact, and the proof of data destruction is more difficult to verify.

With all of the sensitive data stored on a hard drive, such as personal identifying information (PII) and financial information, the choice between shredding and wiping should be clear for any organization.

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How It Works

Our process is simple and effective for handling your destruction project requirements.

Step 1

Contact us to speak with a Guard Docs expert on hard drive destruction. We will answer any questions you have, and work with you to develop the best possible solution for your organization.

Step 2

Our team will arrive on-site at your location on the scheduled date, pick up your hard drives, and perform secure destruction services. We provide customized inventory reporting and offer on-site and off-site service options depending on what you need.

Step 3

If you have a need for ongoing services, we can provide you with locked secure containers to dispose of hard drives at your location between projects.

Step 4

We provide a Certificate of Destruction for every project, along with an inventory report of your hard drives when needed.

Step 5

All shredded hard drives are recycled in an environmentally-friendly, zero-landfill process.