Certificates Of Destruction For Document Shredding

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document shredding certificate of destruction

A certificate of destruction is a document provided by your shredding service provider to serve as proof that the materials from your project have been destroyed. A certificate of destruction helps your business comply with information security laws and it helps protect your organization during audits and lawsuits. 

What’s Included In The Certificate?

A certificate of destruction should include the following information: 

  • Information which identifies the professional shredding company responsible for the chain-of-custody and destruction of materials
  • Information which identifies the customer whose materials have been duly destroyed
  • Details which identify and reference the destruction project uniquely, such as service location, service date, work order number, description of materials, etc. 
  • Written language to verify that the materials were destroyed

Who Issues A Certificate Of Destruction?

Your professional shredding company is responsible for issuing a certificate of destruction if it is included in their services. If you require a certificate of destruction for your project, be sure to check that your shredding company will provide this to you upon project completion. 

Why Is A Certificate Of Destruction Needed?

Certificates of destruction are necessary in order to comply with security standard laws. It is a form of proof that your business is handling and disposing of sensitive customer and company information in a secure and responsible way. Your customers may request certificates of destruction from you to give them assurances that the confidential information they provide to you is being managed responsibly. This is a critical element for building and maintaining customer loyalty and trust. Certificates of destruction are also helpful during audits, to show trackable, auditable proof that your organization is both conducting business responsibly and following the law. 

How To Get A Certificate Of Destruction

A professional service provider will send you a certificate of destruction after the completion of a project. If you are unsure if you will be receiving a certificate of destruction, be sure to request one from your shredding company prior to hiring for your project. You may also request a certificate of destruction from your shredding company for any of your past projects at any time.

Sample Certificate Of Destruction

The following is a sample of a certificate of destruction that Guard Docs issues when we shred a client’s documents.

guard docs document shredding certificate of destruction

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