Document Shredding After Divorce

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divorce document shredding

After going through a divorce, it’s common for the individuals involved to have document shredding needs. Whether you have a few documents, several boxes, or an attic filled with materials, Guard Docs can help you get through this time by securely disposing of the records you no longer need. 

What You Can Shred

Many documents contain personal information that leave you vulnerable to having your identity stolen. When clearing out your records, it is critical to have these materials shredded instead of just throwing them in the trash. If a document contains your full name and address, your social security number (even just the last four digits), account numbers for anything such as your bank account, credit card, utilities or subscriptions, or your signature, you should shred that document if you no longer need it. Any combination of this type of personal information getting into the wrong hands could leave you vulnerable to identity theft. 

What You Shouldn’t Shred

Some types of documents should not be shredded, so it is advisable to carefully look through your files before disposing of everything at once. Documents that shouldn’t be shredded include birth certificates, social security cards, marriage certificates, and divorce papers.

Why Shred Divorce Documents?

Shredding is a common practice after divorce for many reasons. When separating and moving away from an ex-spouse, you might need to move or clean out your possessions as well, which can include old documents. You may also want to make space in your home or clear out any documents that bring up painful memories. Shredding is a safe and secure way to take care of your documents in these situations.

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